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We're a Finalist!!

We are so excited to share that our Half Moon Clutch is a FINALIST in the Independent Handbag Designer Awards. WHAT. You can watch our video submission here!! Link to Video We got into this business through our mutual passion for combining modern design with traditional techniques, a contrast that is both beautiful and impactful. Something a lot of people don't know is that the global artisan sector makes up the second largest economy in the world. It's one of the greatest drivers for growth in developing economies, especially for women. We felt like the intersection of good design paired with time-tested artisan techniques would be a meaningful way to support women in Colombia while also creating a fashionable item...

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Introducing: The Evil Eye Mochila Collection

In line with our vision to combine global fashion with artisan techniques, we created a collection of mochilas featuring the "evil eye". Co-Founder Paula Herrera spent her early years living in Greece with her family, a place where evil eyes are found in the entrance of nearly every home. Decades later, the protective evil eye still holds a special meaning. As such, we designed a special collection of Wayuu mochilas in honor of this time-respected symbol of protection. Inspo Board We are launching the new design in a black and ecru crossbody, in both the large and mini mochila sizes. You can click here to shop the new collection!    

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Hola!  We are MARIYA, a collection of beautifully handmade bags and accessories that combines traditional artisan technique with chic, modern designs. FASHION + ARTISAN Our globally-inspired products are made with you in mind. We want to create something that becomes your go-to accessory, that travels with you all over the world, and that makes you feel special every time you wear it.  What Does MARIYA Mean? MARIYA, pronounced like the traditional Spanish name "María", means yellow in Wayuunaiki, the language spoken by the Wayuu. The Wayuu are an artisan group based in the La Guajira department of northern Colombia with whom we work to create our collection. My co-founder, María Paula Herrera, and I chose the name MARIYA because it...

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