With the idea to create a brand of beautifully designed, artisan made handbags our founders created MARIYA, a collection that blends traditional handmade techniques with modern, functional design.

Mariya Founders

MARIYA founders, Maria-Paula Herrera and Melissa Moriarty, met out on the dance floor in Bogotá, Colombia in 2012 and have been #girlboss friends ever since, mentoring one another as each started her own entrepreneurial venture with Colombian artisans. Paula founded MAPA Collective and Melissa founded Azulina Home.

The MARIYA collection of handbags and accessories is 100% handmade by the indigenous Wayuu women of La Guajira, Colombia.

The designs are developed by MARIYA and hand-crocheted by their artisan partners, the finest Wayuu artisans.

MARIYA proudly practices Fair Trade principles and also donates a portion of their profits to Aguayuda, a charity that provides water sanitation and access to communities located in the same region where MARIYA's bags are handmade: La Guajira, Colombia.

Paula resides in Brooklyn and Melissa resides in Texas.